10 Casual Errands Outfits Fashion People Wear on Repeat

A sentiment I’m sure many other 30-somethings share, I feel like I spend 99% of my time out with work running errands. Between doing the food shop and hauling my returns to the post office, stocking up on skincare and picking up prescriptions, I spent more time on the go than ever these days. This got me to thinking, if everyone else is the same—and by everyone I include Instagram’s most prolific dressers, too—I wondered what those whose style I find inspiring wear to run their errands. Cue my latest scrolling session. 

I spent a solid hour looking at the feeds of some of my favourite follows to see the casual outfits that they wear during their downtime (which I also assume they wear to dash to grab a pint of milk from the corner shop). What I found were 10 comfortable, easy-to-throw-on looks that I would happily bump into my ex in the aisle of Tesco in. From on-trend linen trousers and basket bags to maxi skirts and simple tees, all the way to failsafe jeans-and-jumper pairings, keep scrolling to see the casual outfits fashion people wear to run errands in. 

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