10 Fake-Tan Tips That Will Change the Way You Tan

Choosing the right tanning formula and applying it correctly is key. “Isle of Paradise has three types of texture to choose from, each with a slightly different application technique,” says Von Hep. “The texture you choose all comes down to personal preference. Within the range, we have mousse, tanning water and tanning drops, so there are plenty of choices for every tan lover!”

He adds that “mousse is applied directly onto a mitt and transferred onto skin. Water is sprayed directly onto skin, drenching it before being buffed with a mitt, and drops are applied into your daily face and body moisturiser for added hydration and glow,” he explains. His golden rule is to apply 12 drops per limb on the body and four for the face.

Once you’ve picked your tanning formula, it’s time to perfect your application. “Whichever texture of tan you choose to use, always start from the ankles (not the feet. These come last) and work your way up to the heart and chest,” he advises. “Always apply your tan in sweeping motions over the body, never circular. This ensures that product is distributed evenly for the most natural, even-looking tan. When it comes to tanning the back, you can do this alone. Just turn your mitt backwards and apply product directly onto the skin, sweeping from side to side.”

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