13 Of The Best Nude Lip Glosses For Dark Skin

Despite this surge in popularity and demand for the product, when excitedly scouring makeup counters and shelves I often find that one option still evades me: A perfectly nude gloss for darker skin tones. Thankfully brands are now evolving (albeit slower than one would like) and are creating formulas made with dark skin tones in mind that aren’t too pink or too cool. 

Found yourself stacked up against limited options like me? No need to fear. Try opting for deep browns and caramel-like neutrals—which are the real nudes for darker skin tones—and gloss away. Looking for a more hydrating option that doesn’t smear your lip liner out of place? Then try opting for a gloss with a metal applicator. Glossy nudes are and should be for all. 

Scroll on for the 13 nude lip glosses that I think are the very best for dark skin. 

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