2023 Trends You Can Only Find at Shopbop

At the start of every year, I’m always inspired to browse around what my friends and colleagues are writing about. Namely, I’m looking at things on our wish list, this year’s upcoming trends, and what’s worth your money in a sea of not-so-great products brands promise to deliver on in 2023. Now that New Year’s Eve has come and gone, the only thing on my mind is filling my closet with this year’s splurge-worthy and affordable finds. As always, Shopbop never fails to deliver. 

Yes, 2023 promises to bring inclusive denim and anythingcore-inspired aesthetics for any rhyme or reason (hello, gorpcore parachute pants!), but nowadays, trends are fleeting, going as quickly as they come on our radar. With that said, there’s nothing quite as alluring as finding a long-lasting hidden gem of a style that’s sure to last through 2023.

Below are all the must-have finds you need to be ahead of this year’s trends. You can thank me later.

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