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27 Kitchen Gadgets and Décor Items to Upgrade Your Life

After almost two years of living in my apartment, I walked into my kitchen last week and suddenly hated everything. It’s like that sometimes. Catering to the whims of my fickle aesthetic tastes, I decided that I needed some new gadgets and pretty things to fill up my counters and cupboards. But of course, as someone who lives and breathes the ornamental, I wanted to upgrade my kitchen the fashion-person way—with appliances and objects that aren’t just useful, but also stunning to look at. Making your morning coffee just hits different with a charming mug and a delightful milk frother and espresso machine. My mission translated into hours spent scrolling through Amazon, Nordstrom, Ssense, and more and amassing a cart full of potential buys. Ultimately, I found the exact pieces to upgrade my space.

Buying bulky blenders and pedestrian coffee makers isn’t the only route anymore. The new companies balancing form with function have made beautiful gadgets and kitchen knickknacks a possibility. Now, every appliance is a chance to flex your design prowess, and I definitely have with the list of cool items below. From everyday pots and pans to didn’t-know-you-needed-it finds from Amazon, keep reading for 27 beautiful (and extremely useful) things to add to your kitchen now.

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