29 Party Dresses That Will Make You Stand Out in a Crowd

Winter comes with its hardships, but at least there’s a slight reprieve when party season falls upon us. If you didn’t have an excuse to go all out in an over-the-top dress, there are a million and one reasons to do so now. From office holiday parties to galas and soirees with family and friends, the calendar of events won’t be slowing down for another few months. What to wear is often the biggest question I get as a fashion editor, so I thought I’d make it easy and curate a list of stunning party dresses that I fully endorse.

As evident by the selection below, my personal motto when it comes to holiday dressing is the more the better—the more sequin, the more glitter, and the more feathers will never be a faux pas (at least during this two-month stretch). Another pro with going for a dramatic dress is that you can ease up on the accessorizing. Each of the below is a powerful statement on its own so it’s as easy as throwing it on and stepping out. Convenience will always win! 

To browse and shop my selection of compliment-inducing party dresses, keep scrolling below.

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