41 New Reformation Finds That Put Me in a Genuine Trance

Given how much time I spend looking through clothes every day for work, I’ve built up a tolerance of sorts to the awe of it all. There was a time in my life when I couldn’t possibly have stared at beautiful things all day everyday without feeling called to indulge. But these days, my shopping guard is strong, and only on rare occasions do I stumble across items that feel really and truly too good to pass up. This is one such case. 

You see, Reformation has never really been a brand that feels like me. I always associated it with linen separates and sundresses, and since I’ve never been felt comfortable in that feminine, cottagecore-adjacent aesthetic, I naturally didn’t set aside a ton of attention for the brand. But in recent years, I’ve noticed a hard shift in Reformation’s merchandise. And after scouring its most recent arrivals for spring, I’m throwing my hands up in defeat and admitting that I was wrong about the brand. Finally, I get what all the hype’s about—I’ve been converted. 

Scrolling through its spring offering, I had genuine feelings of shock and awe as I grasped just how chic the items I was looking at were, especially given the mid-level price range. But there’s no need to simply take my word for it. From designer-quality footwear to dresses I’d literally get married in, see all 40 of the new Reformation items that altered my brain chemistry during my latest digital perusal. 

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