5 Chic Birthday Outfit Ideas That You’re Guaranteed to Love

I think we can all agree that celebrating your friends’ birthdays can be a lot more fun than celebrating your own. When you think about it, it’s the best excuse to get all dressed up and go to that fancy bar or restaurant that you have been eyeing for so long, waiting for the exact right moment to try. And the best part is there is none of that new-age anxiety or “all eyes on you” feeling that sometimes comes with one’s birthday. You also get to have a little more champagne than usual and have the best excuse in the world for it. Right now, I have two friends, both with birthdays on the horizon, who have asked me so many times, What should I wear on my birthday this year? Luckily for them, I have five outfit formulas that are my go-tos for birthday looks, and trust me—they’re so good. I have all the outfit inspo you could dream of, including a classic sparkly minidress and some bodysuit-and-skirt pairings that I know you’re going to love.

Keep scrolling to see some of my favorite birthday looks that I have a feeling you’re going to be just as obsessed with as I am.

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