7 Affordable Hailey Bieber Outfits

When it comes to the It models of the moment, Hailey Bieber’s style is one that fashion lovers look to emulate the most. You might think that one of the biggest hurdles in pulling this off is the cost, being that the stylish model lives almost exclusively in designer pieces. But the truth is that it really doesn’t take much to crack Hailey’s style code in a budget-friendly way.

One thing that works in our favor is that her wardrobe is so covetable. As a result, brands are always racing to create almost identical dupes of everything she wears. To get started, it’s essential to develop a foundation of affordable elevated basics with a luxe vibe in a range of neutral, black, and white colors. Think oversize black blazers, basic T-shirts, sleek sunglasses, trendy sneakers, baggy pants, and one-off statement pieces. Keep scrolling to check out my breakdown of seven Hailey Bieber–inspired outfits that won’t break the bank (almost every piece is under $100).

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