9 Stylish Brands That Are Currently Trending for Summer 2023

All fashion editors share a commonality: We’re great at spotting patterns. It’s what gives us the edge when we’re drilling down the top runway trends for the season ahead and scouring thousands of images in the process. It’s how we can pinpoint aesthetics before they even become a thing. This ability to mentally chronicle information for a later date serves us well. As soon as someone wears a piece that’s similar to something we’ve seen previously, we can string the connection together and identify the early stages of a trend.

I’ve put this skill to good use, as I’ve been keeping tabs on the brands that fashion people have been wearing in the first few days of summer. Why? So I can share with you the labels and brands I know will be big this season so you can get in on the action ahead of everyone else and before the best pieces sell out. In my edit, I’ve balanced out brands that are firmly on the rise with those that you could argue have already risen, such as Posse, whose Emma skirt-and-waistcoat co-ord is now internet famous thanks to Sofia Richie, who wore it in the lead-up to her wedding.

From high street to high-end, here are nine trending summer brands to keep your eye fixed upon in 2023.

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