Angelina Jolie Wore a Gorgeous Coat Outfit in New York City

Imagine having Angelina Jolie as a mom—she’s always been effortlessly cool—and borrowing from her wardrobe. Lucky for 18-year-old Zahara, she doesn’t have to. The mother-daughter duo was spotted out shopping in New York City ahead of Zahara’s return to Spellman College next semester. 

While the stylish pair undoubtedly purchased several great looks, we have to admit: if we were Zahara, we’d be asking mom to borrow her gorgeous black wrap coat before heading back to campus (and maybe that chevron YSL clutch, too). That’s because some outfits are just universally appealing: they can be worn anywhere and by anyone and are guaranteed to look great. 

Like peanut butter and jelly, there are several color combinations of coats and boots that will pair perfectly together. Jolie’s black coat, gray trousers, and boots are goals, but if you wear a camel-colored coat with matching boots, that works perfectly well, too. It’s basically the difference between smooth and crunchy peanut butter: no matter what, it’s going to be good. 

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