Ciara Shares Her Essential Daily Beauty Products

We’re excited to hear all about your partnership with Degree and the new Unlimited by Degree formula! What do you think makes this formula unique, and why do you like using it?

There are so many reasons! One, I think my fans know that I’ve always loved Degree for many years—I’ve been proud to be part of the family. Before we even worked together, I was raving about this product. What’s really cool about the Unlimited by Degree line… I’m going to start with a real fact. It has superior antiperspirant technology. This technology allows the product to really prevent that sweat from breaking out. It’s truly one of a kind. What I loved about working together on this product and this campaign is that Degree is really about celebrating how you move, encouraging people to move, and giving you the confidence you need while you move. They’re also inspiring people and encouraging them to live life without limits.

I really love this campaign, especially because I got to learn a lot in this process and working together. Two out of three Americans experience a heaviness of sweat due to anxiety. When I learned that, I was like, “Wow, two out of three Americans!” That’s kind of crazy to me to know that fact. Because of that, when people experience anxious sweat, your self-confidence is lower. You don’t feel as confident when you have to go to an interview, if you have date night, or [if] you’re gonna go on a date for the first time, right? You don’t feel as confident and secure. I think everyone deserves to live life without limits. That’s been my motto and what I like to live by. I hope that by people learning about this product, it can be game-changing for them like it was for me. This new product has been awesome, so I’m just excited to share with my fans and everyone the goodness of this new product that’s going to change the game for those that do sweat.

I think the most important test would be to use it for a workout. Are you into working out at all? How do you think the formula holds up against its competitors?

Oh, absolutely! Working out is a big part of what I do—whether it’s performing on stage, doing rehearsals, or getting ready for a video or for a photo shoot. I have to be up in the gym! That’s definitely a big part of my everyday routine, and I’ve honestly been pushing myself to work out more. I am really proud of me. I go through my ebbs and flows of training, and sometimes, I kind of spot-train. I train for a show, or I train for a video or a project, but I’m trying to really commit to elevating how I work out on a daily basis. I really love the woman that I’m becoming in this space.

What are your favorite types of workouts?

Right now, I’m really into doing Tabata workouts. It’s really good for your heart rate. Sometimes, when you’re trying to lose weight or really trim up, metabolic training is something that’s really game-changing. You actually don’t have to work as long as you think you need to. In my mind, [I always thought] you needed to be in the gym for like three hours, especially if you’re trying to lose baby weight, and actually, you don’t. If you eat right and have the metabolic workouts, you’ll see great results. Tabata-style workouts and a little bit of weight training in the midst of it for muscular development have been game-changing for me. I’ve been enjoying doing that, and it’s been really fun for me.

How do you typically cope with stress in your daily life? Do you have any other products or practices that help you stay grounded?

My go-to is praying. I love to pray. I will pray multiple times throughout the day, and that brings me peace. Sometimes, I like to just go for a ride on the highway and cruise. It’s the little things for me. Taking a bath can also be relaxing and a good stress reliever. I think it’s important to give yourself the opportunity to just silence things and calm down the world whenever you can. That’s where you’ll find your greatest stress relievers. Then I can also go to Disneyland with my babies. It’s so fun!

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