Emily Ratajkowski Is the New Face of Flowerbomb

I want to ask you about the ones you hate…

I don’t know if it was the VMAs or MTV Movie Awards [in] like 2015. This very lovely man put my hair into this insanely tight ponytail. And then the makeup, I had pink lips, and the way she did my skin, I was so pale-looking. I had no color on my face. And super, super dark eyebrows, and really chunky mascara. I hate those pictures so much. I’m like, “Why wasn’t anybody there to help you?”

You’re like, “If I could delete one thing…”

Oh my god. No, I’m okay with it. A lot of the cringe moments from my public appearances in the past I’ve embraced. I was so embarrassed with this Marge Simpson costume I did years ago for Heidi Klum. I did the yellow makeup myself. Now I’m like, “Honestly, good for you, girl. You tried it, you did it.”

You tried it, that’s what’s important. Switching gears a little bit, I know it’s been about a year since your book came out. How has your life kind of changed since it was published?

I mean, I used to kind of not love it when people would come up to me. I was just thinking about this recently, so it’s funny you’re asking this. It was normally a girl being like, “You’re my boyfriend’s hall pass,” or a guy being like, “I’ve loved you forever, can we take a picture?” Now it’s young women who are like, “I love this part of your book.” Obviously, I felt like from having that out into the world, being able to start the podcast, and living in New York and having someone be like, “I listened to that episode. I have so many thoughts about blah, blah, blah.” I feel so much more connected with the world. Not fans, just people, in general. And I’m really, really grateful for that.

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