Every Fashion Editor Has This Timeless Bag, and 3 New Styles Just Dropped

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It was on my 18th birthday that I received my first designer handbag. As my mum handed over a large grey box embossed with a Mulberry Tree, so began my infatuation with this particular accessory. Unboxing the iconic Bayswater Bag and seeing its grain leather, gold hardware and Postman’s Lock was my first experience of fine craftsmanship and luxury. A decade after this noteworthy birthday and two decades since the bag was first released, Mulberry’s Bayswater has proven to be a timeless icon.

Twice a year, I not-so patiently await Mulberry’s new season campaigns with particular focus on the leather goods tucked into the crooks of the models’ arms. And with each new season, the Bayswater returns. New leather grains, new colourways and new design details allow the Bayswater to evolve alongside its wearer. And in celebration of the bag’s 20th anniversary, the Bayswater has evolved yet again with the release of three new styles: The North South Bayswater, the Zipped Bayswater Tote and the East West Bayswater.

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When adding to our wardrobes, we often talk of timeless appeal, and this bag is a true case in point. Twenty years after its launch, the Bayswater has withstood shifting trends by embracing both micro and maxi silhouettes while retaining its core design to feel just as relevant in 2023 as it did in 2003 (and just as recognisable). The Postman’s Lock and double straps that continue all the way down the front and back of the bag are the Bayswater’s most iconic signifiers.

That said, the Bayswater definitely doesn’t shout—it whispers. Though the term “quiet luxury” is fairly new, the premise of a timeless style that exudes luxury without being emblazoned with logos has been around for years, and no bag exemplifies this better than the Bayswater. Its subtle mulberry-tree logo is instantly recognisable to those in the know, but its exquisite leather and construction are proof enough that this bag has earned its luxury status.

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Since 2022, all of Mulberry’s bags have been crafted exclusively from environmentally accredited and carbon-neutral leather, reflecting the brand’s focus on sustainability. Plus, the Mulberry Exchange allows you to swap your old bags for credit towards a new purchase. Then the pre-loved bags are refurbished and sold on the site. And you don’t have to worry about whether these high-quality pieces will last. My Bayswater is over 10 years old and looks just as good as it did the day I got it. Yes, it now has a lived-in feel and perhaps a few forgotten lipsticks at the bottom, but you’ll still find me carrying it 10 years from now.

Keep scrolling to explore the three new Bayswater styles released in honour of the bag’s 20th anniversary—plus more classic Bayswater styles. 

The first new style added to the Bayswater family is the North South, a carry-all tote offered up in four elegant shades: black, chalk, green and blue. This is the ultimate throw-everything-in-and-go bag that has plenty of space for essentials and more. The Postman’s Lock keeps everything secure whilst the interior slip pocket means you won’t spend time digging around for your cards and keys.

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The Zip Tote retains the classic Bayswater feel but has a modern edge. The zip details are not only functional, adding more space to the bag as needed, but also a contemporary update for 2023. True to the Bayswater name, this is a great everyday style with two strap styles allowing you to carry it both by hand and over the shoulder.

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The East West is the newest silhouette to join the Bayswater group. It’s a shoulder bag as opposed to the regular tote shapes. The rectangular silhouette feels fresh for the new season but still has the original bag’s identifiers: the Postman’s Lock and strap detailing down the front. This is the perfect finishing touch for days out or dinner dates when you want a simple silhouette that’s still exceedingly chic.

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