How CIFF Has Cemented Copenhagen as a Fashion Captial

Besides all the budding talent, one thing that makes Copenhagen unique is its continued dedication to championing sustainability. As a designer, how do you define sustainable fashion? And how do you apply it to your own work?

SG: Sustainable fashion is responsible fashion. It focuses on quality instead of quantity. The intention remains to ensure relevance and timelessness throughout. At OpéraSport, we try to minimize our footprint on global CO2 emissions by producing responsibly. Since the first collection, all fabrics besides cotton have been created from industrial waste. This includes silk, wool, polyester, and cotton. If our cotton is not also recycled, it is organic and GOTS certified. And all our collections are made-to-order, meaning we only produce the quantities our customers have ordered and what we believe our webshop can generate. Therefore, no excess stock will be produced to minimize overproduction. Right now, we operate with four collections a year—spring, summer, fall, and winter. By doing this, we can deliver and sell our products when they are most relevant to the changing seasons.

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