How Model-Off-Duty Style Has Changed Over the Years

Prolific street style photographer Acielle of Style Du Monde said it best, telling me, “Shooting model street style has always been a favorite of mine. I feel like their style is usually a bit more edgy. It’s hard to pinpoint a general trend as they have such a wonderful individual style but maybe it became a bit more eclectic over the years.” In studying hundreds of street style images, I’ve found that models in the previous decade had somewhat of a uniform. Here at Who What Wear, we did plenty of stories about the pillars of a model’s wardrobe back in the day, and they all contained skinny jeans, leather moto jackets, and oversized handbags. These days, it’s much more difficult to pinpoint the model-off-duty “look”, as their style has become so unique and personal. But the best way to explain this is to just let you see it for yourself.

Below, I’ve compiled a variety of photos of models over the past decade that best display the way their off-duty style has evolved. And be sure to scroll through to the end for shopping inspired by models over the years.

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