I’m After the Quiet-Luxury Look—29 Cool Finds in My Cart

I recently rediscovered the phrase “quiet luxury,” and I simply can’t get over it. I’ve been wanting to put into words my current obsession with minimalist items that make a statement while being entirely nondescript—this is how it’s done. After watching plenty of trends walk in and out of my wardrobe, I’m set on investing in forever items for the rest of the year. I’m talking about the dress that I could wear to nearly every party on my calendar and it would fit right in, the shoes that will match every outfit I wear for the next 30 years if I want them to, and the bag that has people wondering where I got it from.

I’d describe “quiet luxury” as the Birkin bag of fashion aesthetics. You have to know fashion to recognize it on the streets. People who aren’t as familiar with what’s up and coming with fashion will just think to themselves when they see you, “She looks rich.” Here are 29 pieces that will help you exude that response from the people who pass by you.

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