Recreate Paris Hilton’s Hair With the Same Products

How do you say “that’s hot” in French? ICYWW, it’s c’est chaud—a reminder from Paris Hilton to help us all brush up on our French. In a new commercial filmed for NBC, the network tapped Hilton to reveal the new Olympics logo for the 2024 Olympics, set to be held in Paris.

“Paris, France?” Hilton quips in the commercial. “They should change the name, it’s confusing.” After establishing that Paris, France (founded 259 BC) was in fact named after Hilton (born 1981), in typical Hilton fashion, she announces that she’s “sliving.”

While we’re obviously excited for the Olympic games in 2024, something else was distracting me during the commercial—Hilton’s incredible hair. It’s tough to imagine better bombshell curls than Hilton’s here.

Celebrity hairstylist Eduardo Ponce created glamorous loose curls on Hilton using exclusively Unite hair products, a brand Hilton has also disclosed she uses in her at-home routine. He broke down the entire gold-medal worthy look for us below. Oh, and the fact that all of the products he used were under-$40? Loves it. 

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