Shop 21 Handbags That Look More Expensive Than They Are

Listen, no one loves splurging on a bag more than yours truly. But, that doesn’t make it economical. As part of my “new year, new me” I’ve taken to my shopping habits with a practical lens. And I’ve already found that there are worth-it bags that don’t break the shiny, new budget. 

I set out on a hunt for sophisticated, expensive-looking bags. Handbags are typically a slightly more expensive piece so I capped the search at $300. I turned to Nordstrom for my hunt and my cart is now overfloweth with polished woven bags, faux leather tote bags, chic shoulder bags, and adorable mini bags that are new-budget-approved. 

It would be wrong not to share the wealth (of knowledge) so I’ve included the best 21 handbags that will have you feeling rich and looking expensive.

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