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The 18 Best Blazers to Wear All Year Round

If there’s one piece in your wardrobe that you can consistently rely on any time of year, it’s a blazer. Trends come and go, and while that impulse purchase waits at the back of your wardrobe for its moment in the sun, the blazer remains a timeless buy. It’s one of the few things I actively collect because I know it’s a sound investment.

I’m going to go ahead and say it: There is no outfit that can’t be immeasurably improved by a blazer. It’s a big statement, yes, but I’m confident I’ve got the proof to back it up.

Case in point: celebrity blazer fans Ashley Olsen and Hailey Bieber. When both paired an oversized blazer with a simple tee and jeans, it caught my attention. After all, when two of the world’s most influential dressers are turning to blazers as their go-to jacket, you have to take note. And in fact, it was the resurfaced pictures of Princess Diana’s blazer and vintage sweater combination that inspired me to invest in the oversized, black jacket from Zara that I now have on constant rotation. (I can’t wait to pair it with knee-high boots.)

Of course, if I’m waxing lyrical and you already love blazers but aren’t sure how to style them, I’ve turned to some of our favourite influencers for inspiration. Not only will some of these looks help breathe new life into your favourite blazer, but there are also suggestions for where you can find a stylish new one. After all, this wardrobe hero is about to come into its own in the transitional seasonal months, so keep scrolling for my edit of the best blazers to add to your basket now.

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