The 5 Coolest Spring Hairstyles We’re Wearing in 2021

There’s a hair trend happening on Instagram. Wait, I should be more specific… There are five hair trends happening on Instagram. Everyone, from the most fashion-forward celebrities to influencers and editors, seems to be wearing the same five hairstyles. (It’s almost as if they held some sort of secret meeting about it.) I’m not mad. How could I be? The five hairstyles in question are chic and low maintenance, which just so happens to be my favourite combination. 

They’re also very ’90s-inspired. That doesn’t surprise me—not in the slightest. After all, the fashion and beauty industries are experiencing a full-blown ’90s renaissance right now. I mean, we already brought ’90s clothing items back (slip dresses, shoulder bags, and bucket hats). We already brought ’90s makeup looks back (glossy lips, black eyeliner, and brown lip liner). It only makes sense that we would bring ’90s hairstyles back, too. Keep scrolling to see them all. 

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