The 8 Biggest Wedding Dress Trends for 2023

So, if we are to begin with our own wardrobes, and using mine as a case in point, while there are undoubtedly the staples that I wear year after year and consider my best investments, there are also plenty of the buzzy, trend lead pieces that add some colour and context to what I’ll be wearing for the year ahead. Who among us can admit that we weren’t at least slightly caught up in autumn’s 90’s minimalist trend? Or the return of summer’s micro mini? Although you would like to look back at your wedding pictures in 20 years time and not cringe at what was the look du jour of the time, there is undoubtedly a link between what happens on the runways and what we choose wear to for the biggest days of our lives, and a good dress will be able to cater to modern sensibility and feel timeless says Fran Cookson, Co-Founder of Rewritten Bridal

“We believe that a modern style wedding dress will never go out of trend. Traditional wedding dress trends change often because there are so many components and details which could be changed; lace, beading, trims etc. But keeping it simple means you will have a timeless piece that will never go out of fashion…”Traditional” bridal wear seemed to have lots of fabric and huge trains, but it’s changed over the years to become far more sleek with less fuss and much more modern silhouettes.”

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