The Best At-Home Light-Therapy Devices for Acne Scarring

What happened during the whole process?

Whenever I try something new, I always try to keep the rest of my routine pretty much the same. If I start altering too many things at one time, it’s hard to discern what’s working and what’s not. To keep things as controlled as possible, I stuck to my normal evening skincare routine but added in the LED mask right after cleansing and immediately before my serum and evening moisturizer. Honestly, I noticed a difference in the tone and evenness of my complexion after just one wear!

After using the mask each night, my skin felt calmer, and there was no redness in sight. After a full week of treatments, I had no new breakouts, and the bumps that had been lingering on my face at the beginning were almost cleared and significantly less angry and inflamed-looking. The brand does say that you’ll notice a reduction in acne in just a few days, but I definitely didn’t believe it until I actually experienced the magic for myself! 

Any challenges?

Not really! Like I said, each treatment is only three minutes, so the time commitment is really so minimal. I never like adding extra time-consuming steps to my routine, so I was thrilled with how uncomplicated the process is. 

Any surprises?

Just how fast it worked on my acne and redness (especially around my chin and mouth) and how easy and seamless it was to incorporate it into my nightly routine! I also found it strangely relaxing, and I would lie down during my treatment—almost like a little meditation! 

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