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The Best Looks at Paris Haute Couture Week Fall/Winter 2022-2023

Iris van Herpen

To celebrate her eponymous label’s 15th anniversary collection, Dutch designer and noted futurist Iris van Herpen looked to the classics—specifically, Ovid’s magnum opus poem Metamorphoses. Cleverly dubbed “Meta Morphism,” the looks examine “the ancient visions of Ovid’s mythology through modern themes of transhumanism, where man and technology exist in eternal fluctuation, allowing us to question who we are beyond our physical bodies,” according to the brand’s Instagram. Sartorial translation: 3D-printed embellishments, laser-cut halos, and upcycled translucent poly-silk. Model Winnie Harlow (pictured here) sauntered down the runway in the titular Meta Morphism coat, featuring embroidered ribbons depicting interlocking, shapeshifting faces, reminiscent of a frozen, glitchy computer screen. We’ve all been there on Zoom.—Claire Stern, Digital Deputy Editor

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