These Are the Best Smelling Body Lotions for Scent Layering

To me, the holy trinity of layering is shower gel, body cream and an eau de parfum or, if you’re fancy, a lotion, perfume and then a dapple of perfume oil on your pulse points—layering either of these ways amplifies all the notes and helps your scent to linger all day. Ever since I’ve started layering my scents, not only have they lasted longer, but the fragrance seems to come alive more as the notes explode together and mesh with the warmth of my skin.

It’s key to note, though, that not all perfumed body lotions, oils and shower gels that come in a range with a scent are up to scratch. Many offer the scent but are awful at the moisturising part with super-high alcohol content leaving your skin feeling drier than before you rubbed it in.

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