These Chanel Sandals Are Almost Too Beautiful to Wear

As far as brands go, few are as iconic as Chanel. The storied French label has been around for over a century and is often regarded as synonymous with all things luxury. Whether it be clothing, handbags, eyewear or accessories, if it has a Chanel logo on it, you can bet it is going to be coveted by the masses. 

Where footwear is concerned, in recent years, the brand has reimagined quite a few of its most iconic items. From the dual-toned slingback pumps that were seen on the feet of almost every editor between 2016 and 2018 to the instantly recognisable tweed, which (in my opinion) are far too fancy for the beach, Chanel is known for producing wish list–worthy footwear.

Of course, this summer is no different, as the label has created a selection of shoes that is just as in-demand as years prior. Offering a decidedly more modern take on sandals, this season, Chanel has strayed from its traditional roots and created a collection that feels contemporary, featuring strappy heels, the reinvented chunky dad sandal and even crochet mules, and it’s already a hit with the style set, including the likes of Emili Sindlev, Jeanette Madsen, Eni Ilori and more. 

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