Trust Me, Everyone Is Asking For These Nail Colours in May

May has arrived, and I’m totally here for it. Finally, we’re getting some warm weather, there are bank holidays aplenty, and the fact that summer is stretching out before us has me in the happiest mindset. So it’s only natural that I’m looking for optimistic nail colours to wear in May to match the sunny outlook and tap into 2023’s nail trends.

Spring is the ideal time to hit refresh on your usual red, neutral or pink nail colours and try something new. Pastels always work well at this time of the year, as does floral nail art. Florals, for spring? While they’re not ground breaking, they are certainly a pretty seasonal refresh to your regular mani. We’re continuing to see the chrome ‘glazed donut’ manicure reign in nail salons up and down the country, as well as those clean girl nails and milky nails trending. Plus, there are even some summer nail trend that are starting to crop up too. 

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