What to Wear to Work: How I Perfected the Scandi Capsule

How has your style evolved since you started out compared with now?

“I’m not really sure it has evolved. I feel very lucky that I’ve always had confidence in my personal style. I listen in to my current state and dress accordingly, and sometimes that might be extra adventurous and I’ll let my ‘freak’ flag fly, other times I have zero inspiration. I’d like to try to keep that sense of playfulness and confidence as I get older and I believe I have so far. Perhaps the main thing that has evolved is my bank account, which has allowed me to focus more on quality when expanding my wardrobe. 

 What do you wear when you’re off duty?

“Honestly, I spend most of my time in the studio every day, so my workwear has to merge with my off-duty wear. It’s more or less the same.”

What’s your favourite go-to outfit and how does it make you feel?

“I absolutely love black tie. I’ve also dabbled in a little LARPing (live action roleplay), but I’ve always adored floating around in a gown. It always makes you feel like you’re stepping into a new role, and you end up carrying yourself in an entirely different manner.”

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